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Summer Hair Trends 2023

Welcome to the all natural hair era. Yes, this summer is all about natural-looking colors. Sorry, but kiss chunky balayage goodbye and say hello to warm golden blonde tones. The forecast also shows hairstyle revivals like the bob and 70s fringe, and (as always) voluminous layers. Summer is the time to experiment with hair. Because if it looks bad, you won’t have it for school. Keep reading for the summer hairstyle, cut, and color trends.


Instead of brassy yellow highlights, this summer is all about natural, rich blonde and brunette tones. The blended colors are also making a not-so-subtle revival. Ombre hair is back for this summer. But staying with the trend, ombre hair is more fresh and natural-looking. As always, new movies and TV shows are one of the greatest trendsetters. So, bleach blonde hair is back, from none other than Barbie herself. Another unexpected trend is crimson brunette, inspired by Daisy Jones. You can thank the TV show Daisy Jone & the Six for the 70s hair trend revivals. Below are the most popular hair colors for this summer. 

  1. Golden Blonde
  1. Bleach Blonde/Barbie Blonde (Inspired by the movie coming out)
  1. Ombre Hair – Brown to Dirty Blonde
  1. Crimson Brunette (Inspired by the book/TV show character Daisy Jones)


The most viral haircuts that are sweeping the media are those with lots of texture and layers. Rachel Green was the biggest trendsetter of the 90s and still is today. The Rachel haircut is coming back with some tweaks for this summer. Hairdressers across the country have been frequently asked for the butterfly cut. It’s the modern day Rachel haircut, just longer. Daisy Jones isn’t just a star in the book or TV show; she and her bandmates are taking over the media. Retro 70s hair, shaggy layers, and face framing shag are the not-so-new look. Another trend that has been popular over the years is long layers. Think of it adding a layer every year. Ghost layers are known  as “not really there layers.” This cut gives your hair voluminous texture without having extremely noticeable layers. Last but certainly not least, is the bob. This next haircut trend is probably the most daring thing you could do with your hair. But I guess for this summer, the bob is low-maintenance and can be styled a countless amount of different ways. Cool for the summer, or classy and sophisticated, the bob is the most surprising haircut trend for this summer. See these haircuts below.  

  1. The Butterfly Cut
  1. 70s Shag Layers 
  1. Ghost Layers
  1. The Bob 


This summer brings a range of versatile styles that radiate playfulness and elegance. There is no doubt that on a hot summer day, you want to put your hair up. High or low, slicked back or messy, ballerina buns are the hottest style in this summer’s forecast. Following the textured trend, the 90s blowout look has been in for awhile and is here to stay this summer. This look is practically too perfect, almost looking overdone, like you’re in a hair commercial or coming off the runway. Another that will never go out of style are messy beach waves that give off relaxation and give your hair a natural, textured look. Similar to beach waves, tousled, tight curls are another style trend that you will see everywhere this summer. This next one is the most exciting style that I have come across. Pigtail braids are quick and easy, but they are cute for any type of hair. This also goes for the trending claw clip style that everyone is thriving on.

  1. Ballerina Buns
  1. 90s Blowout 
  1. Messy Beach Waves 
  1. Tight Curls
  1.  Baby Braids 
  1. Claw Clip Bun 

To bring all of this information together, this summer is all about trying new things, mixing it up, and having fun with your hair.


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