Unique Summer Bucket List 2023 – The Girl Guide

Unique Summer Bucket List 2023

One thing about me is that I love lists. I have wish lists, to do lists, travel lists, grocery lists, and random other lists just so I can make a list. Even doing small tasks just so my list can be longer. It’s like a competition. Only I’m competing against myself. I love making them look pretty and checking them off. I think it’s funny that “make your bed” or “fill your water bottle” brings me so much joy. The feeling of accomplishment after a bunch of check marks makes me want to do more things to check off. Unfortunately, there is only one list that I struggle to complete every year. The Ionic Summer Bucket List. If I’m being honest, by the time I finish making and designing the list, summer is almost over. Every year I research summer activities, and there are all the same things over and over again. This year will be different (hopefully). I have made a summer bucket list that is fun, attainable, and unique. 

  1. Go Berry Picking and Make Jam

2. Start a Vegetable Garden

3. Go to a National Park

4. Paint Rocks

5. Make a Short Film

6. Watch the Sunrise and Sunset

7. Go Horseback Riding

8. Try to Eat the Foods on National Food Days

9. Write a Short Story

10. Go Kayaking

11. Go to a Baseball Game

12. Make Popsicles

13. Have a Picnic 

14. Make Pottery

15. Make a Bird Feeder

16. Do a Scavenger Hunt 

17. Catch Fireflies

18. Read Three Books

19. Go Camping

20. Squirt Gun Fight

21. Make S’mores

22. Learn a New Instrument

23. Try a New Food

24. Feed the Ducks

25. Go to a Farmer’s Market

26. Volunteer Somewhere

27. Make Chalk Art

28. Fly a Kite

29. Summit a Mountain

30. Sandcastle Competition with Friends

31. Collect Seashells 

32. Go to a Drive-In Movie Theater

33. Go Fishing

34. Make a New Friend

35. Christmas in July

36. Go to the Zoo

37. Ride a Scary Roller Coaster

38. Try Making Sushi 

39. Go to a Museum 

40. Go on a Long Bike Ride

41. Try Outdoor Yoga

42. Water Balloon Fight 

43. Go Bowling 

44. Skip Rocks

45. Go to an Art Gallery

46. Make a Big Fruit Salad

47. Read on the Beach

48. Movie Marathon 

49. Visit an Aquarium 

50. Play Backyard Games

51. Road Trip Around Your State

52. Host or go to a Barbecue 

53. Spa Day

54. Play Mini Golf

55. Go Crabbing

56. Paint or Draw Something

57. Go to a Local Festival 

58. Conquer a Fear


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